we are only a memory

  • pairing: D.O/Baekhyun (top!soo)
  • author: incendir
  • rating: R
  • length: 2.8k
  • warnings/kinks: implied character death

“be a guard with me,” baekhyun says. “be a guard with me, kyungsoo.” he swings his arm around, miming holding a sword, miming beheading his enemies. “we can kill people together.”

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Note: part of this arranged marriage au

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musingsofalexia asked: I'd like to apologize for the little like spam today of all the baeksoo fics, haha. First day off in ages so I was lazy and decided to read all the fav fics all day. Baeksoo fics give me so much life, haha. A million thank yous for this blog :) ♡

hahhaa im glad my obsessions are serving a purpose (??)
same they’re actually my fave (top!soo) pairing to read so many good fics!!
sending u a million back for this message♥♥

- lia

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Sleeping or keep drawing EXO all day and night long?.. No… EXO’s more important.


Sleeping or keep drawing EXO all day and night long?.. No… EXO’s more important.

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■ ■ ■   |   full res.

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Chansoo’s way of flirting 

.(cr: ganpppp/chansoo_th)

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peeping tom (not really, no)

  • pairing: D.O/Suho (top!soo)
  • author: suheafoams
  • rating: NC-17
  • length: 1.5k
  • warnings/kinks: voyeurism

kyungsoo watches joonmyun masturbate until he gets sick of it. then he joins in.

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That’s why I top in this relationship: baeksoo

  • pairing: D.O/Baekhyun (top!soo)
  • author: BuingBuingBuffalo
  • rating: R
  • length: 593 w

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Note: after-sex talk. part of this bottom baekhyun drabble collection.

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better than this

  • pairing: D.O/Baekhyun (top!soo)
  • author: Anonymous
  • rating: NC-17
  • length: 2.5k

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Note: written for the prompt “Baekhyun and Kyungsoo waking up Sunday morning, soft pillows and warm sunlight shining through the blinds. Kyungsoo silently pulls down Baekhyun’s shirt down his shoulder and gives him soft kisses on his shoulder/the sensitive parts of his neck while Baekhyun rambles on about something that Kyungsoo completely ignores.”

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for the series “sm subliminal messages” i’m glad to present: kyungsoo on beds /ovaries flip since 1993/.

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